Emergency Evacuation Training

1 hour Emergency Evacuation Training

Duration: 1-2 hours
Certificate: Recommended 6 or 12 months
Prerequisites: n/a

Emergency Evacuation Training

Healthcorp’s Emergency Evacuation training course recognises that planning, management and evaluation is unique to individual company requirements and facility specific features. As such, every office location will require different planning requirements dependent on many factors including, but not limited to company size, industry and location.

Are you prepared for an Emergency and compliant to Australia Standards?

Healthcorp can help manage and deliver a practical emergency evacuation training and assessment on your company’s emergency planning and evacuation preparedness skills. Healthcorp will manage, prepare, evaluate and report on the efficiencies of emergency evacuation from your building premises including all required Work Health & Safety requirements and compliance to standards as well as employer responsibilities.

Evacuation drills are an important and compulsory procedural requirement for all staff to understand and undertake. Training, management, execution and evaluation are all vital to successful and timely emergency evacuation procedures